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Gethuk Fried Durian flavor and sugar Java Native Sokaraja Banyumas in Central Java

Friday, May 10, 2013
Hearing the word fried gethuk are not necessarily familiar to those who've enjoyed the fried gethuk in Sokaraja. A food that is spearheaded by Haji Tohirin, has now evolved into various areas in Indonesia.

Gethuk fried SOKARAJA continued innovation in its development in order to increase the purchasing power of the public interest. Aside from being a decoy sense for consumers who enjoy culinary specialties Sokaraja form, the flavors were created with a sense of durian and sugar.

Gethuk made from cassava is designed as an introduction to a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning or evening. Throughout Sokaraja Banyumas area and areas that have been entered in the andes Cilacap regency is also available there.

Durian flavor variant form and sugar is also new I know yesterday when I travel solo to use the bus. Gethuk fried Sokaraja Haji Tohirin original is sold by kilogram dose. Regarding the price of fried gethuk this course is very affordable, may range between 15 thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars per kilogram.

I immediately saw the uniqueness snap pictures of the store displaying posts Gethuk Sokaraja fried durian flavors and sugar. After that do not forget to buy a few souvenirs for the blogger friends in Asean Blogger Festival 2013 in Solo.

One of the brothers who direct testimony to the carp's food czar Ahmed from Blogger Reporter. Taste delicious and is perfect for coffee or tea drinking friends said. Wow this news also apparently contaminated to some friends, and community supporters of the event organizers could not get. Hehe sorry yes, hopefully next time I can take it for you.

When returned to Jakarta from Solo's blogger friends get through Sokaraja Banyumas of Yogyakarta route towards Purworejo, Kebumen, Gombong, andes continue to turn right in the direction of Purwokerto, Banyumas and later passed on to Ajibarang direction and continue in the direction of Bumi Ayu to Tegal. As it passes through this Sokaraja, bloggers can pause to buy or sample the Fried Gethuk with these two flavors.
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