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A visit to the ethics of Kraton Surakarta

Sunday, May 12, 2013
Keraton Surakarta

Every region in Indonesia and overseas must have manners and etiquette that should be understood so that they can receive in their environment. A significant ethical manners is an obligation that must be really well understood.

This is also true for the participants in the Solo asean blogger yesterday when about to enter the gate of the palace. Palace courtiers when it directs participants asean blogger notices that if you want to enter the palace area, must wear shoes and most neatly dressed or batik shirt.

While the women if they want to enter the palace area also must use ethics or manners to how to wear a skirt or scarf looped around the waist and wearing shoes.

Ethics is not disclosed prior to the participants, so that when the gate of the palace we all feel confused. Besides the courtiers also questioned about a permit to enter the palace arena, because the rules of the visitors must show a permit.

This is certainly a concern for us and the committee for distribution to the general public will enter this palace of ethics. So that the visitors who want to visit to the palace already made preparations to bring clothes and shoes as I wrote above.

With patience and in a state of Galabo tired after walking through a market area Klewer, we sat together in the arena stairs while talking about various things related to current experience and a steam train ride on the royal entry.

Finally after dialogue and communicated with the palace, the group of participants of our festival in 2013 asean blogger can enter the palace arena and watch the parade of soldiers.

After that we went to the Sultanate palace arena to see what kind of room there. Of course in the various corners of the palace we took some pictures with a variety of styles.

After bernarsis ria, the participants went straight to the room asean blogger Sultanate as a venue for the closing ceremony as well as an explanation of the history of the palace of Surakarta by Kanjeng queen.

Good information on procedures or ethics in the visit to the palace of Surakarta could be useful for both local and foreign visitors. Remember that ethics and decorum should be maintained in a variety of circumstances as a sign of self-respect.

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