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What and how to make bombs?

Sunday, April 18, 2010
"... If there's TNT detonated, in a distance of 5 meters I dare tuh stand next to them ..."
A friend, a specialist demolisi

The story yesterday of a friend playing house, in the context of 17's, there was the long weekend so the friend could come by chance to stay in Bintaro. Because the lazy out of the house, the agenda that morning to watch Die Hard 4.0-hehehe, yes jadul film.

The friend several times, commenting much about blasting scenes in this film, among others:

1. Explosion C-4 did not result in a huge fire.
2. C-4 and explosives in general can not make a crushing effect of mediators that trigger the exception there. Grenades eg, where penghancurnya effects of the grenade fragments. Hence the new 'understand' why Criss Angel never done a demo blown up in the box with the C-4. Yes indeed he was going to die ga.
3. The car that fell from the top of the elevator also will not pose a great fire effects.

Furthermore the friend and then tell stories so much about blasting. Began just how difficult it is to blow up a building. This means that if C4 or a grenade was thrown into the middle of the room 3 × 3 there will be no impact to any room.

To blow up a bridge pillar just needed hundreds of tons of TNT. Even for the strengthening effect of the blast, the explosives should be installed right or affixed with the addition of mud so that it can make a more powerful explosion effects.

Positive, many things that I thought it was not dangerous. LPG Gas Tube for example, the LPG explosion will not cause the devastating effects of the extraordinary. Most flames only for a moment that the effect is 'most' temporary burns.

Myth to create an explosion or fire with the addition of detergent Rinso indeed did very well there. And if you want painstaking, manual enough to make a nail bomb, to trigger a bomb that circulated in the internet today.


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