Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beratnya Tangan

Entah ini yang pertama kali atau kesekian kalinya melihat seorang yang berilmu lebih sering disapa imam atau kyai ketika shalat kedua telapak tangannya tak sanggup diangkat sampai sejajar dengan kedua daun telinga. Emh padahal mereka orang berilmu yang tentu saja mengerti akan perintah hal ini. Bahkan banyak beberapa jamaah shalat yang entah muridnya atau bukan ketika shalat tangannya dengan bebas menggaruk-garuk tangan atau kepala yang terasa gatal. Wah inikah pemahaman atau hal apa yang terjadi dalam sistem pengajaran agama islam model Persis (Persatuan Islam) di Kujang Cikoneng Ciamis.
Ketika dua tahun yang lalu pada saat mengunjungi teman yang kenal lewat sms, saya bershalat jamaah untuk yang pertama kalinya. Waktu itu tepat dengan pemilihan bupati Ciamis serta walikota Banjar. Dengan hobi melacak alamat seseorang yang entah kenal lewat dunia maya atau kenalan di komunitas saya selalu menyempatkan diri untuk berkunjung selama persediaan ongkos ada. Nah kebetulan waktu itu lagi presentasi di Wanareja Cilacap mengenai sebuah bisnis jaringan. Usai acara tersebut karena waktu pun masih siang saya langsung aja tancap gas menuju Ciamis kota. Proses pencarian pun cukup memakan waktu kurang lebih hampir satu jam. Usaha tersebut pun membuahkan hasil ketika saya bertanya kepada kawan sekolahnya di SMP Islam Persis Kujang Cikoneng Ciamis.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Luapan Air di Lakbok

Hujan yang turun tiga hari terakhir ini menyebabkan luapan sungai apur yang menyebabkan beberapa hektar lahan padi yang siap panen terendam. Sejumlah petani yang sudah memotong batang padi merasa kewalahan ketika tumpukan padi yang sudah dipotong tersebut mengambang bahkan ada yang sampai terbawa arus ke sawah tetangga. Sedangkan para petani yang padinya belum dipotong masih harap-harap cemas sambil mengharap semoga air lekas surut.

Hujan deras yang mengakibatkan luapan sungai ini memang tidak terjadi sepanjang musim panen dan hanya kali ini saja terjadi semenjak 8 tahun terakhir. Jika 4 hari ke depan tidak kunjung surut juga maka para petani akan mengalami kerugian ratusan juta rupiah. Musibah banjir kali ini bisa dibilang cukup parah karena cakupan area lebih luas ketimbang tahun sebelumnya. Sementara itu dari sektor produksi gula merah pun sempat mengalami kemerosotan dari segi hasil produksi. Hal ini dikarenakan air legen yang keluar dari pohon kelapa kembali lebih sedikit ketimbang 1 bulan sebelumnya.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Merupakan nama yang tak asing di telinga kita, entah nama teman atau orang terdekat yang kita kenal. nah dalam moment ini kita akan mengulas sekilas tentang apa sich hari kartini, banyak gak insan muda yang faham atau ingin merayakan hari kartini?
Sejumlah survei sering dilakukan berbagai pihak terkait dengan hari kartini, di beberapa tempat ada yang merayakan dengan menyajikan lomba berbusana kebaya. namun apa sich makna sesungguhnya dengan kita memperingati hari kartini? untuk lebih detail bisa ditanyakan langsung kepada ibu guru di sekolah kalian atau mbah google.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What and how to make bombs?

"... If there's TNT detonated, in a distance of 5 meters I dare tuh stand next to them ..."
A friend, a specialist demolisi

The story yesterday of a friend playing house, in the context of 17's, there was the long weekend so the friend could come by chance to stay in Bintaro. Because the lazy out of the house, the agenda that morning to watch Die Hard 4.0-hehehe, yes jadul film.

The friend several times, commenting much about blasting scenes in this film, among others:

1. Explosion C-4 did not result in a huge fire.
2. C-4 and explosives in general can not make a crushing effect of mediators that trigger the exception there. Grenades eg, where penghancurnya effects of the grenade fragments. Hence the new 'understand' why Criss Angel never done a demo blown up in the box with the C-4. Yes indeed he was going to die ga.
3. The car that fell from the top of the elevator also will not pose a great fire effects.

Furthermore the friend and then tell stories so much about blasting. Began just how difficult it is to blow up a building. This means that if C4 or a grenade was thrown into the middle of the room 3 × 3 there will be no impact to any room.

To blow up a bridge pillar just needed hundreds of tons of TNT. Even for the strengthening effect of the blast, the explosives should be installed right or affixed with the addition of mud so that it can make a more powerful explosion effects.

Positive, many things that I thought it was not dangerous. LPG Gas Tube for example, the LPG explosion will not cause the devastating effects of the extraordinary. Most flames only for a moment that the effect is 'most' temporary burns.

Myth to create an explosion or fire with the addition of detergent Rinso indeed did very well there. And if you want painstaking, manual enough to make a nail bomb, to trigger a bomb that circulated in the internet today.

Friday, April 16, 2010

From Alcatraz to Pondok Bambu

You would never hear the name of Alcatraz. Spanish explorers found the island, Juan Manuel de Ayala, in the year 1775 was already famous everywhere. Not because the island covering 12 hectares, many live birds alcatraces (pelicans) or the proliferation of shark populations around them, but because of a prison.

Nothing special about the island in the Bay of San Francisco. There was no source of clean water, arid land was overgrown with grass. Therefore, either Spanish or Mexican government as the ruler of that time never want to take advantage of this barren island.

When the control switch to the United States a different story. Land began to be transported to the island and vegetables were planted. In 1861 Alcatraz became the places of detention Civil War and was closed in 1934. But, on July 1 of that same year the U.S. Justice Department functioning as the Alcatraz federal prison.

The system also created a super tight security. Socialization among prisoners set minimum. Only one prisoner in each cell. Interestingly, two times daily shower with hot water resistance, tactics that prisoners could not adjust to the freezing of sea water if the intended escape. Year history of this prison in 1963 ended when Attorney General Robert Kennedy decided to close it and make Alcatraz as a means of recreation.

Other U.S. Other Indonesia. Look at the Correctional Institution (LP) Cipinang. Though less famous, for the size of our prison's name was quite scary because its inhabitants are prisoners of choice. But, for those who had experienced life behind the wall, not really. The usual activities of people outside the prison walls can also be done here.

Main gaple, good food, smoked pot, until going out via cell phone free only. Not only that, the circulation of drugs proved to be more smoothly if it is controlled from inside the jail cell. If airports snapper always being chased police when dealing in hotels, in prison with little money to hear, no one bothered them.

Another in the House of Detention Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta. Bede residents also differences in style. Because of this Rutan female inmates occupied, they are more feminine Busway. Some fixed telephone ria, but not to control the drug business, but to control the company outside the prison.

Do not stop there, they were also more stylish. Look at the contents of some prisoners' rooms. According to its nature, the cell wall also looks bright colors with a bandage variety of motives. Beauty tools and equipment to fill the shower cell. There is also air conditioning and refrigerator in the corner. And, do not be surprised, karaoke device to dispel taboos saturation is also not represented.

Scenery is what makes surprise four-member Task Force on Combating the Mafia Law, last weekend, while visiting Rutan Pondok Bambu. Instead of going to see the suffering of the prisoners, narapida Artalyta Suryani bribery case apparently are following beauty treatments. Likewise with Artalyta inhabited cells, 6 × 6-meter room clearly did not fit referred to the holding room, let alone an office equipped with desks, chairs, overstuffed sofas and beds.

Indeed, prison is a place where a person's basic rights are restricted as a consequence of their deeds. Restrictions could be in the form of movement, activity, and expression. Do not expect to get out of the cells arbitrarily or drinking coffee while watching football live broadcast of the television screen late into the night. So also in terms of expression, just a dream to imagine had a cell phone like a Blackberry.

But, it all is the story of how it should be, not what happens in the real world. In fact, we just move the jail housing a man from his home to a place called jail. As for the needs and facilities can be arranged. For the rich are still just as stylish in the cell. Conversely, the destitute who fall asleep in the prison must berdempetan.

That is a mirror of justice in this country. Not only outside the justice was expensive, after the verdict was justice permanent fall in its price. When the mental and behavioral ramshackle forces met with the temptation of material from criminals, then the second menyatulah it needs to form the face of our prisons today.

We certainly did not discuss Rutan Pondok Bambu alone. Faces a prison in East Jakarta was only a piece of sample from the face of other prison in the country. So, where the name of supervision, enforcement, and correctional which touted it? Or, let the narapida act arbitrarily equal to popularize the concept of it?

I do not know, obviously the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Patrialis Akbar and Director General of Correctional Fortunately Sugiyono still busy denying the news left and right. Patrialis plead not see any special room in Rutan Pondok Bambu when he visited. Fortunately, while vehemently denied the existence of luxury rooms owned by several prisoners, as repeated images presented on TV is engineered.

In fact, it has been understood and believed that source of all our prisons hypocrisy is not road surveillance system. Supervision of personnel and supervision of the life cycle in it. Listen not just words about sebandingnya Patrialis with the number of prisoners without Questioning the number of cells that occupy a large space Artalyta alone. So, if you will only waste energy and Lucky busy Patrialis denied without any intention to change.

Prisons should still be in jail. Make the prison policy was not simply a means of punishment, but also a place name to refine the guidance to the penitentiary, a prison turned out to have made us weak, effeminate, as well as free like a playground.

If inmates feel at home, not sour, even the increased "science" of his, obviously the prison had failed to carry out its mission statement. The failure was not because of the narrow prison room, but because of the hypocrisy, not to admit that errors exist in the person, not on the ingredients. It should be used as a measure to change by Patrialis and Lucky.

Do-do, step that the government will renovate all the prisons (Patrialis mention would disburse funds worth Rp 1 trillion) will make them more comfortable. If that happens, might as well write the words "Welcome" in large prison entrance. Not to forget, also attach a suitable size room rates and amenities, so that prospective residents must understand the amount of money they bring into the "hotel" was not without cost.

Thank President Mbah Priok Heir

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called for citizens to maintain calm and not easily incited so that order and peace pascamediasi grave cases Habib Hassan bin Mohammed Al Haddad can be maintained. Thus the President's request as it is expressed grave heirs Mbah Priok, Zaenal Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman Al Idrus and Habib Umar bin Salim Al Attas after a dialogue with President Yudhoyono at the State House Jakarta, Friday (16 / 4).

"We met the President. Praise the President will sign the inscription and asked all the people, lest any noise in the vicinity. The President appealed inedible community issues," said Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman al Idrus Zaenal. Both the beneficiary is then hoped in the future no more polemic and the tomb area can be restored and opened to pilgrims.

The meeting between the President and heir lasted roughly 10 minutes to 15 minutes. The meeting took place on an informal basis. The President was accompanied by State Secretary Sudi Silalahi, Cabinet Secretary Dipo Alam and some specialized staff president. On that occasion, the Head of State requested that the mediation be continued so that the incident no longer occurs.

Kartini Day - Kartini That Is ...?

Remember the Friends of the Global on Kartini's Day celebration? It must be cautioned. Now, as in previous years, the Indonesian nation, especially for the weaker sex is always memeringati Kartini day every 21 April.
Yes, on that date will also always show memory Ajeng services Raden Kartini pioneered the rise of indigenous women in Indonesia. Ehmm, indigenous women's age had already emang always placed in the low social status. But thanks to the author of "After Dark publication Light" that appear before tuh term "Women's Emancipation."

Remarkably again, that figure Kartini fought for truth is not only focused on the question of emancipation itself, but also a general social problem. Kartini saw women struggle to gain freedom, autonomy and legal equality as part of a broader movement. And, all of Kartini's ideas and statements written in Dutch women's magazine called De Hollandsche Lelie.

The Indonesian perempan today seem inappropriate tuh grateful to RA Kartini. If the figure of a woman from Central Java was never there, just maybe would not have been there also a pilot or a woman president.

Seeing how the struggle of Kartini. Hmm ... how ya how to commemorate Kartini Day Global companions? What is the real meaning of the term "emancipation" that often heralded today's modern woman? Like what ya figure Kartini also today?

I think RA Kartini was a smart person and does not want to miss the same of others, especially in males. Then, RA Kartini's people are always willing to accept kritk and suggestions from others.
Beldina Nababan, Students

After publication Dark Light, was very fitting motto. Indonesian women are now already not 'doubt ngekspresiin aspirations. RA Kartini could become a model for other women. He struggles commendable. Especially for women in our own times.
Fadillah, Student Semester 4 IAIN

If the figure of the mother Kartini today that, yes, like the woman who could take advantage of the day, who could use his life to doing something important and want to help others, even though the form of material aid ga. The role of RA Kartini obviously very big on the development of women in Indonesia.
Rinie Sidabutar, Mahasiwi

RA Kartini was a woman who willingly sacrificed himself to education. What he does is a struggle. I think he is a great woman. Look at when he was placed in the countryside to teach the people.
Students Akram, MTsN 1

Well, today's women's great-great. Aja men at work already done by women. To the extent there was a female pilot. That was not independent of RA Kartini service that always provides the motivation of the importance of emancipation for women. He's a great woman warrior figure.
Julita Handayani, Mahasiwi

About RA Kartini

Ajeng Raden Kartini, or actually more accurately called Raden Ayu Kartini, (born in Jepara, Central Java, 21 April 1879. Died in Rembang, Central Java, 17 September 1904 at age 25 years) was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini is known as a pioneer in the area of indigenous women.

Ajeng Raden Kartini is someone from among the aristocracy or the nobility class of Java, the daughter of Raden Mas Sosroningrat Duke Ario, the regent of Jepara. She is the daughter of first wife, but not the main wife. His mother named M.A. Ngasirah, daughter of Haji Siti Aminah Nyai and Kyai Haji Madirono, a professor of religion at Telukawur, Jepara.

Because Kartini could speak Dutch, then at home he began to study independently and to write letters to friends correspondence originating from the Netherlands. One is Rosa Abendanon a lot of support them. From books, newspapers and European magazines fed Kartini's interest in European feminist thinking. The desire to promote indigenous women, for he saw that indigenous women are at a low social status.

Kartini read a lot of Semarang newspaper De locomotief Pieter Brooshooft nurtured, he also received leestrommel (package of magazines circulated by bookshops to subscribers).

In her letters, Kartini wrote about her views of social conditions at that time, especially about the condition of indigenous women. Most of his letters contain complaints and lawsuits related to cultures, especially in Java, which is seen as a barrier to women's advancement.

She wants women to have the freedom to learn and study. Kartini wrote of ideas and ideals, as it is written: Zelf-ontwikkeling, and Zelf-onderricht, Zelf-vertrouwen and Zelf-werkzaamheid and also Solidariteit. All that on the basis Religieusiteit, Wijsheid en Schoonheid (ie the Godhead, wisdom, and beauty), along with Humanitarianisme (humanitarianism) and nationalism (patriotism).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

lagi ngenet

Sekarang ujan nich padahal enyong arep meng sawah ngangkutin padi, tapi berhubung udane lagi guede ya mending enyong ngaso disit nangkene. wis ana 5 menit kayane luh, mana enyong wis kencot gyeh urung madang kawit isuk. mamake mau goreng tempe karo bakso lan njangan slobor. nah siki jere ana info usaha tapi mberuh nang endi enyong gen ora ngerti. sing jelas tesih usaha lah pengen banget nyaba meng kota. ngapurane ya gelem sich usaha apa bae mumpung tesih enom. sing giat usaha lan temah yen pada cerdas bangsane. wis disitlah enyong bingung arep ngapa maning. matur suwun sekabeane ya sing uwis mampir. lagi pengen due laptop je ben bisa nulis saban waktu nang umah. wassalamu'alaikum